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Tipster Interviews

Thảo luận trong 'Giao Lưu & Kết Bạn' bắt đầu bởi thanhthuy02, 7/12/19.


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    Tipster Interviews
    Over the years we’ve done some amazing tipster interviews and we’ve collected a wealth of information which we have shared in the individual interviews.

    In this article I want lớn bring a lot of that information together. It doesn’t replace reading an individual interview with someone, but it does get a lot of useful information into one spot.- According lớn the asian handicap tips pages!


    If you had one betting tip to share with our readers what would it be?
    PFS – Have discipline and a staking plan. Ok that’s 2 things but possibly the two most important aspects of betting. Without these in your locker, you will lose more than you win – which is not what anyone wants. You need lớn know when lớn walk away from a situation. Too many times I’ve seen someone chase their loses in the heat of the moment and lose even more. Don’t get me wrong I’ve been there we’ve all been there, but betting is about experience, and if you can’t learn from your mistakes then things won’t improve.

    Chuck – Don’t try lớn be a hero, Rome wasn’t built in a day, there’s always that next bet.

    George – Bet only what you can afford lớn lose :)

    Jessica – Go with your gut would be my advice lớn any football gambler. I’ve won much more money good soccer tip on the team I want to win, rather than the favourites lớn win. Favourites don’t always win matches, especially when included in accumulator bets. Also you often get bad odds betting on them anyway.

    Becca – Go with your gut feeling. I hate it when I’ve been looking at a game for ages, watching the stats, and I think… Both teams lớn will score here (for example).

    I’ll then over think it in my mind, go somewhere else and choose another game I deem to be safer, or whatever reason seems to make sense at the time.

    Then I’ll go back and check the original game an hour later, out of curiosity. Yep of course it’s a 3-3 goalfest whilst mine is in the 80th minute with 1 shot on target!

    Don’t chase your bets. There’s always tomorrow / next weekend etc. We all have rubbish days and want to get our stake back. Let it go, you’ll get that good run or big win sometime soon!

    Keep it fun, don’t bet an amount you’re going to badly miss if it does lose. Just call the team a bunch of mother duckers in your head, laugh about it inside how it’s “just your luck blah blah” and move on!

    I never bet on “dead certs”. No such thing. Betting on ten 1/14 odds teams in an acca you know one (or two) are going lớn have a nightmare of a day! Not worth the stake in my opinion.

    Jonathan – ‘Know your league’

    It’s not something we promote on the site because our fans like to bet on the popular European football leagues, but focusing on more obscure leagues are the best way lớn beat the bookies.

    The odds will certainly be priced more in your favour if you go after one of the lower leagues in Scandinavian football instead of the English Premier League.


    Simon – It’s all about value in the odds for me. I will price up every match myself using the key stats. League position, home/away records, current form, head lớn head & team news. I avoid seeing the actual odds at all costs before pricing up the matches and then I will compare my odds with the bookies. Any match where there is a clear difference I will get involved & tip the team I think offers value.

    Ian – You can’t walk into this world and say “Team X always wins at home so bet on them lớn win at home”. It’s imperative lớn understand why they regularly win at home (turf? Support? Pitch size? It doesn’t have lớn be quality that does it!) before betting on them lớn beat someone else there.

    If there is one thing you could change about football what would it be?
    Ian – I’d make it so I could watch all the games that I want lớn rather than adhering to some media maniac’s wishes!

    Simon – I hate to see clubs struggling financially. The Premier League should be supporting the lower leagues lớn ensure they don’t go out of business.

    Jonathan – I’m not a big fan of FIFA’s governance. The structure and committees seem to be far overdue an overhaul.

    Becca – Zlatan signs for Walsall, we’re promoted, then he takes me on the holiday he promised me.

    Maybe England players caring about their national side as much as they do their club sides! Not technically what you asked, and never going to happen, but I’d like that. Wear that badge with pride.

    Jessica – If I could change anything about football it would be introducing the “sin bin” rule like in rugby. I think some refs use yellow cards too much when a 10 minute time out session would be much more interesting lớn the game. Also having the video referee (as in rugby) would be amazing we we have had many dodgy decisions made by refs.

    George – I think that all the footballers from top leagues are overpaid, and that huge money involved in football has ruined game a bit in recent years. So if I had the power lớn change anything, I would cut their salaries :)

    PFS – As a general football fan – ticket prices. Football used to be a working man’s sport, and when you see ticket prices of over £50 for a game it’s becoming harder for people to attend games, especially with recent times. The German’s have it spot on; they offer reasonable ticket prices and fill their stadiums out. If you ever watch a German game, rarely will you see a half empty stadium. The same goes for the second tier of German football. I was watching a game a few months back, and the atmosphere was incredible for what was a standard league match, puts us lớn shame.

    I do like livescore.com if I need a quick update on a score. And I have downloaded the SkyBet app for the live text updates / live pitch view even though I don’t use them for bet placement! Don’t need lớn be logged in lớn use it. Gives a clearer indication of the way a game is going by possession / shots etc. (Not that that always tells the full story of course).

    I also Google a team I’m about to bet on, just lớn get their league table and current form / head lớn heads. Uk.soccerway.com is a great site to get this quickly and easily.

    Jonathan – Punters should use odds trackers. If you’re confident about a selection, for no extra effort you’ll be in more profit if your tip rolls in.

    Betting staples such as Soccerway, Soccerstats and WhoScored are great and if you’ve got patience the previews on BBC sport for UK matches late on a Friday night are worth a read.

    Want to be interviewed?
    If you are involved in football betting as a tipster, a punter, or some other part of the industry then we want lớn hear from you.

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